That’s why I am running 90 km

It wasn’t easy; getting my 3 year old daughter glasses to address a wandering eye. Like any parent it was hard seeing my child suffer, even in the slightest way.

Getting glasses and addressing the problem for my daughter was straightforward, and something I took for granted. There are many parents who don’t have access to either resources or solutions for the needs of their children.

One of the best charities that addresses this in one of the most difficult of places is JustAct Middle East. I am running Ultravasan 90 to support their amazing work.

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Thank you for helping me raise £700 ($1000, 8500SEK).
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Joshua Bronson

Family: Wife and two children.

Running: 10 years, 5 years barefoot/minimalist

Longest run to date: 50 km (31 miles), during a marathon where I got lost… oops.

Favorite running fuel: Phil’s Bar with added peanut butter #yum!

Nationality: American, living in Sweden

The Race

Vasaloppet is the world’s oldest, longest and biggest cross-country ski race. Since 2014, the world’s marathon runners are welcome to run the same stretch, past all the famous checkpoints.

  • 90 km (56 miles) of running along the famous Vasalopet trail in the Swedish countryside
  • Expected finishing time is 10 hours
  • 80 km (50 miles) of training left before the race
  • 9 hours of training left
  • 2 weeks to go – takes place on August 20, 2016 (the race can be tracked in realtime)
Ultravasan 90

30 doctor visits before Cerebral Palsy was diagnosed

Fatoun first started worrying about her son Yousef, one of triplets, when he failed to reach development milestones. She took him to a local doctor who told her that he would never talk, walk or communicate, and that his disability was so severe that there was no treatment possible.

Fatoun visited more than 30 doctors before finally being referred to the Princess Basma Centre for Disabled Children. Yousef was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He had sensory problems, poor head and trunk control, poor sitting balance, and he wasn’t able to use any social signs or facial expressions.

Yousef’s treatment at the Basma centre included a comprehensive rehabilitation program including physio, hydrotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy. Fatoun said “I felt at home at the centre – the therapist answered my questions, giving me the right tools to deal with Yousef”. Yousef can now walk indoors using the walkers with a very good control and balance. He also can express himself by smiling and using all kinds of facial expressions. Yousef is now 3 years old. He will continue to receive therapies at the Centre in order to achieve a level of independence and improvement in his quality of life.

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JustAct has this mission: “To nurture hope among marginalised people, by partnering with locally-run organisations whose work provides for their needs, and brings about social inclusion.”

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Swedish translation kindly provided by Michaela Gester at Textvärt. Thank you!